One of the most important thing we can do as cannabis policy reform advocates is to contact our representatives, again and again… and again.

You know the saying, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease?”

That holds true here.

What You Can Do RIGHT NOW!

  • DO THIS NOW: Support Impending Marijuana Legalization Plan
  • Register to Vote on the NORML website!
  • Take 5 minutes to click through these links below to contact your representatives today and tell them to support the various pieces of legislation proposed.
  • Don’t just stop at sending these action alerts below! Take the next step and call or go in person to tell your local representatives you want smart legislation to legalize cannabis for adult use in New York, that is crafted to give all New Yorkers a chance at ownership in the industry and reinvests back into our communities.

New York State Legislation Action Alerts

Federal Legislation Action Alerts