7/20 Dark Pearl Tattoo Fundraiser

7/20 Dark Pearl Tattoo Fundraiser

VenueDark Pearl Tattoo (inside AMoR)
Address610 Monroe Ave, Rochester, NY 14607
DateSat, July 20
11:00am - 12:00am

Who’s rocking a great new tattoo, secure in the knowledge that some of the money went to help legalize cannabis in New York State?

Well, it could be YOU!

Our good friends at Dark Pearl Tattoo have graciously decided to donate some of the proceeds for an entire day of work to Roc NORML to fund our activism.

Right now, their artists are drawing custom flash for this event for you to put on your very own body. The work will be reasonably priced, and from these well-known ink-slingers, you know this is going to be the tattoo deal of the summer.

Plus all the pot-stars from Roc NORML are going to be onhand spitting hot knowledge about the status of cannabis legalization in New York State. We’ll have free literature and we’ll be selling merchandise and memberships.

Even if you don’t want a tattoo, you should come by and check the place out for when you do, because these guys are the best! Check them out at the links below!

Plus, this event is at AMoR, the Art Museum of Rochester, which is an art gallery, bar and they have FREE POOL! And now they even have food! It’s an incredible place to go even when Roc NORML isn’t there!

Register at the link below! You’ll want to be first in line for this!