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4/01 Reefer Madness

4/01 Reefer Madness

VenueUUU Art Collective
Address153 State St, Rochester, NY 14614
DateWed, April 1
6:30pm - 8:30pm

Join us every Wednesday night at the UUU Art Gallery, 153 State Street, as we explore the role cannabis has played in media and culture through films that have had lasting impacts through the ages.

The event is free.

April 1st Reefer Madness (1 hr)
High-school principal Dr. Alfred Carroll (Josef Forte) relates to an audience of parents that marijuana can have devastating effects on teens. In his story, a drug supplier entices several restless teens, including sister and brother Mary (Dorothy Short) and Jimmy Lane (Warren McCollum) and Mary’s boyfriend, Bill (Kenneth Craig), into frequenting a “reefer” house. Gradually, Bill and Jimmy are drawn into smoking dope, which affects their family lives and leads to a terrible crime.

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