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4/22 Healing Cancer with Cannabis

4/22 Healing Cancer with Cannabis

VenueUUU Art Collective
Address153 State St, Rochester, NY 14614
DateWed, April 22
6:30pm -
Mon, April 20

Join us every Wednesday night at the UUU Art Gallery, 153 State Street, as we explore the role cannabis has played in media and culture through films that have had lasting impacts through the ages.

The event is free.

April 22 Healing Cancer with Cannabis: The Rick Simpson Story (1 hr & 30 minutes)
Hemp or cannabis oil was used by numerous people for centuries, but it was banned in the second half of the 20th century, as a result of the rise of the billion-dollar pharmaceutical industry. Rick Simpson is a mechanical engineer and a self-taught doctor, who was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2002 and fought this disease using this miraculous oil. Nowadays, he is one of the greatest world activists for legalization of hemp oil. Using this treatment, he has cured over 5,000 people.

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