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How do I become a 2022 Roc NORML Member?

  1. Donate any of the amounts listed above (or more!)
  2. Fill out the Roc NORML New Member Form
  3. Come to a Roc NORML Monthly Networking & Membership Event to pick-up your membership card and get involved!

2022 Membership Overview

When we grow our membership base, we grow the: awareness of our issue in the community, in turn breaking down the stigmas around cannabis consumers; the number of cannabis activists in Rochester to help move our mission forward and engage in action to help reform laws around marijuana prohibition; community support and engagement, and most importantly, our Roc NORML community!

What does it mean to be a 2022 Roc NORML Member?

  • Roc NORML 2022 Membership Card with 10% off purchases at Membership Sponsor businesses
  • Discounted entry to 2022 Roc NORML events that have a cover charge and free entry to 2022 monthly Roc NORML Membership & Networking Meetings
  • Depending on the membership level (listed below), entered X times to win over $500 in prizes at each monthly member/networking meeting and other chances to win prizes throughout the year:

2022 Roc NORML Benefits

  • $10 – Basic = 1 ticket to win prize every meeting, must be present (virtually or in person) to win
  • $20 – Advocate = 2 tickets to win prize every meeting, must be present (virtually or in person) to win
  • $40 – Friend = 4 tickets to win prize every meeting, must be present (virtually or in person) to win
  • $100+ – Beneficiary = 10 tickets to win prize every meeting, don’t need to be present to win

Membership dues are annual for the calendar year of 2022 – members can upgrade their level at any time throughout the year by making additional donations!

For virtual meetings, prize winners must be able to pick up prizes in Rochester within 2 weeks of the virtual meeting – pick up location to be determined monthly.

As a member, for every friend you bring to a meeting, you get an extra ticket; bring 1 friend = 1 extra ticket, bring 2 friends = 2 extra tickets, etc.

Thank you for your support – we couldn’t do this without you!

Your membership dues help support our mission to educate the public and lawmakers about the benefits of responsible cannabis use, while working to reform the laws surrounding cannabis prohibition. Your dues help support things like:

  • Chapter Meetings
  • Community Reinvestment Initiative
  • Education and Outreach Events
  • Advocacy to City & State Lawmakers
  • Website administration fees
  • Annual NORML Conference in DC

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